Stress-Free Birthday Plan

Stress-Free Birthday Plan

Stress-Free Birthday Plan

Spring is coming, and you know it’s just a matter of time before you hear, “I can’t wait for my birthday!” You begin to panic. Another year has passed! How did this happen? Where did the time go? “We can do this,” you tell yourself, “It is going to be the best one yet!” After all, your birthday child has already created a fantastic, epic birthday extravaganza in their minds for months now! You MUST NOT let them down!

Wait a minute! (slight panic)

Where will we have the party? Should it be at our house, or should we pick a venue? How much is this going to cost? What do kids do at parties anymore anyway? (full-blown panic)

Party at home:

1 ) Create a guest list. Buy or create invitations. Mail or distribute invitations. 2) Create a meal plan. Shop and pay for meal preparation items. Purchase plates, napkins, cups and cutlery for party.Prepare meal on day of party, and hope you have prepared what the children will eat. (Did you get everything on the list? Will you have to return for that forgotten item?3) Decide on party theme. Purchase decorations and then do the decorating. (Don’t fall off the chair while decorating!4) Determine entertainment/age appropriate games. Purchase materials necessary for games. Coordinate games on day of party. Hope that everyone likes the games you chose, and has fun. (Are the games cheesy?5) Decide on a birthday cake or cupcakes. Will you make or buy the treats? Should you serve ice cream, as well? Make sure you buy enough dessert plates, too. Pick up cake/cupcakes, or get ingredients to make. (Should you get chocolate AND vanilla?) 6) Don’t forget the “thank you for coming” treat bags. Get bags and items to go in them. Assemble bags, and hand out when the party is ending. (These are getting thrown away when they get home, aren’t they?7) When the last guest exits your home, take a deep breath, thankful it’s OVER, and now, get ready for the clean up!

Party at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza:

Call our party planner or go online to reserve your party package and date.

Decide on a theme for your cake, and let our party planner order it for you. It’ll be at the party when you arrive.

Print guest list and invitations from IPC website and distribute.

Arrive for your party. Party rooms are all set festively and ready for parties! No need to decorate. (No standing on chairs necessary.)

Let your hostess entertain the children, assist with their food, opening of gifts (if you choose), and serving of the cake. (You snap pictures and bask in all the fun your child is having.)

Let the kids loose in the Fairgrounds to enjoy the games and attractions with all their friends. (They love this stuff!)

Smile, as you exit the building when your party time is over, knowing that your guests had a great time, and you don’t have to do any clean up!

Hmm…which one should you choose?

We’d love to help you plan your child’s next birthday party at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company! Go to to book online, or call us at 936-441-2222, ext. 25.Frazzled Mom web