Summer Fun Deal is Coming!!!

The temps are going up! The school calendar is getting shorter, and the kids are gearing up for summer! We know just how they feel!!!

We can hardly contain our excitement!!! It’s coming…one of the most anticipated sales of the season! The Summer Fun Deal!!! We just love it, and we know you do too!!! Set a reminder, mark your calendar, do what you need to do…It’s June 5 & 6!!!

For these two days only, we offer the Summer Fun Deal online. It’s the only way to get this Incredible deal. You can purchase a $50 gift card and get $25 bonus game value or purchase a $125 gift card and get $75 bonus game value!!! Can you believe it??? AND, you can use these cards anytime you please! Next week, next month, whenever.

Call your friends and family and tell them all about it! These cards would make great gifts for recent grads, summer birthday gifts, or just amazing savings for summer fun. Make a plan with family or friends to get this great deal, and then get together at IPC over the summer! An incredible value and an incredible time!!!

However you choose to use your Summer Fun Deal, we’ll be here ready to make sure your time here is nothing short of Incredible!Summer Fun