Let’s Plan A Party!

Let’s Plan A Party!

Let’s Plan A Party!


These words are familiar, aren’t they?!?! Are you the party-planning mama that loves this kind of stuff? Or, are you the kind that would like to make a call, have it done, and move on?

Either way, we can help! Birthday parties are our specialty at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza! We make it easy to plan a party, in just a few simple steps!

Here’s the Plan… Step by Step:

Step 1: Make a ReservationYou’ve got Choices…

You’ll need to choose a date and time for your party. So, what’s easier for you, making a phone call or booking online? Either way works for us.

Call 936-441-2222, ext. 25, to speak to an IPC Personal Party Planner. They can answer your questions, and handle all the details of your party. Trust us, they are Incredible at it!

Or, Book Online – Just go to https://parties.ipcconroe.com/party/plan-a-party, to use our online reservation system to walk you through the details of making your reservation.

Step 2: Select a Party PackageYou’ve got Choices…

There are several party package options to choose from, and you can determine which will be best depending on the size of your group, the guests’ ages, and your budget. And, you can save money when you host your party on a Monday-Thursday. Ask us for details!

Party Packages:

  • Grand Slam– have an “outta the park” experience with plenty of game time, lots of attractions, tons of tickets, balloons, party room time and the unlimited buffet!
  • 57 Chevy – the fun cruises right along with game time, attractions, balloons, tickets, party room time and the unlimited buffet!
  • Glow Zone– watch the kids light up in the Glow-In-The-Dark party, with glowing gear & party room fun, video game play, an attraction, balloons, tickets for guest of honor and the unlimited buffet for all!
  • Strike Zone– bowl your guests over with video game play, mini bowling or laser tag, balloons, party room fun, the unlimited buffet and tickets for the guest of honor.

To compare party packages, go to: https://www.ipcconroe.com/birthdays/

Step 3Select your Party Add-OnsYou’ve got Choices…

Make your party extra-special, and skip any additional trips to the bakery or the party store by letting us provide the cake, goodie bags and more!

Choose from:

  • New Party Cannon- launch up to 300 pieces of candy for your guests
  • Pinata- let the candy and treats rain down
  • Party bags- special items for all the guests
  •  Cakes- traditional cake, cookie cake and Unicorn cake to choose from

Step 4: Select the Attraction(s)…You’ve got Choices…

Your choice of attractions will depend on which party package you choose, but you can’t go wrong here! Everything is fun in the Fairgrounds!

  •     Hologate – live action virtual reality arena
  •     Mini bowling – throw a strike on a mini version bowling alley
  •     Mini golf – glow-in-the-dark golfing through historic Route 66
  •     Laser tag – high-tech, hide and seek in the dual-level neon arena
  •     Bumper cars – watch the kids grin bumping into each other
  •     Go Karts – indoor track with turbo charged cars

Step 5: Make a Guest List and Invite Your Guests…You’ve got Choices…

Here’s the fun part! Inviting all your guests! Your guest list will be used to check-in your guests when they arrive on the day of your party, and of course,  to invite everyone to attend!

We provide invitations at no cost to you! There are invitation templates on our website, or we can email them to you, allowing you to print and distribute. We also offer printed postcard invitations that you simply fill out and provide to your guests. Just stop in and pick up the quantity you need.

If you do not want to use our complimentary invitations, you can always purchase traditional invitations from a retail store, fill out the details, and distribute to your guests.

Step 6: It’s Party Day! Have Fun!

Your party hostess and room will be all set and ready for your arrival! Guests will check in and be welcomed by the party hostess. Your hostess will help guests with the buffet and drinks, entertain the children, assist with opening of gifts (if you choose), and serving of the cake. Then it’s off to the Fairgrounds for the kids to enjoy the games and attractions with all their friends. It’s their favorite time!

The party hostess will clean up the party room, and you get to enjoy time with your guests in the Fairgrounds.

Step 6: SMILE…You did it!

You just hosted an Incredible birthday party! When your party time is over, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear knowing your guests had a great time, and you don’t have to do any clean up!

See how easy it can be to host an Incredible birthday party?!?! We look forward to helping you plan your child’s next birthday at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company!

For more information on birthday party packages, go to https://www.ipcconroe.com/birthdays/. To make a reservation, go to https://parties.ipcconroe.com/party/plan-a-party, or call us at 936-441-2222, ext. 25. We’re ready to answer your questions and assist with your reservation!