Holiday Birthday Parties and Party Upgrade!

Holiday Birthday Parties and Party Upgrade!

Holiday Birthday Parties and Party Upgrade!

We all know the holidays are right around the corner, but what about those sweet children who also have birthdays during this time of the year? You know, the poor kids who have heard time and time again, “Well, this gift is for your birthday and Christmas, both.” What?!?!

Mom. Dad. They want a party. Just for them. No sharing with other holidays!

Let Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company help! During this crazy, busy time of the year, the last thing you want to do is plan a birthday party. You have enough going on already. We can take all the work and stress out of the birthday festivities for you. Our dedicated party planners can assist you with selecting a date, choosing a party package, adding the fun extras and deciding on a cake. Plus, we offer invitations online that can be printed from your personal computer. Ta-da! Super easy!

Weekends are known for parties at our place. But we bet, during this time of the year your calendar begins filling up with Christmas parties, special programs, and just lots of socializing. You may have a hard time finding a good weekend to have your celebration. May we suggest you have your party during the week?

We have a terrific upgrade special for any party that is booked from Monday through Thursday. These weekday parties are great for younger children, especially if you have a playgroup that often meets during the week anyway. As for the older kids, eating pizza and playing games in the middle of the week is a real treat!

Here’s how it works: if you were thinking of reserving the “Rock Around the Clock” party package on the weekend, we would upgrade your party to the “Strike Zone”, and you would pay the “Rock Around the Clock” price. So by hosting your party Mon.-Thurs., the upgrade would provide you with more choices in attractions, plus each guest would receive 60 minutes of video game play. It’s a win-win. You pay less, and get more!

All of our birthday parties include use of a private party room with a hostess, the unlimited buffet and drinks, and Fairgrounds entertainment. Your hostess helps guests with getting their food and drinks; party games, cake cutting, opening of presents, and explanation of the Fairgrounds game time. When your party room time is finished, our staff takes care of clean up, so you can enjoy the rest of the fun!

Our party planners are standing by to assist you with making this the year that your child does not have to share their birthday with a holiday! They get their very own party! We can’t wait to help you!

To learn more about our party packages or to make a reservation, call 936-441-2222, ext. 25, or go to bday boy