Back to School is Coming!

Parents, it is on!!! The countdown to the first day of school! Kids are making the most of each summer day left; parents are frantically checking supply lists and trekking to the mall for the latest fashions. Retail parking lots are a madhouse. It is crunch time people. Summer is coming to an end—it’s back to school time!

The days on the calendar have been clicking away, and parents everywhere are trying to decide if they fit enough fun into the summer. The number of days left before the first day of school don’t really allow much more time for another out-of-town getaway, there is just too much to be done. So, maybe it’s time for a little local family fun day at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza. Our place is still dishing out incredible food and fun every day! We want the kids to give summer a super send-off, and welcome the new school year in.

After a day full of shopping and to-do lists, IPC would be the perfect place to blow off some steam, and just have a great time! Daily specials are still going on weekdays, plus there are combos that provide an incredible value as well. Just click here for more details on both. You choose the day, or combo, that fits you best! Our friendly cashiers can also help you decide what selection will give you the most value based on your party and what activities you’d like to do.

And, don’t forget our Starlite Drive In. A family friendly movie is always showing in there. It’s just like going to the drive in, minus the mosquitoes and the heat! Plus you can enjoy your selections from the unlimited buffet while you watch the movie!

We have enough food and entertainment under our roof to keep everyone busy and happy all day long. So, come see us at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza for that last summer hoo-rah before school starts!